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March 28, 2017 flipfloppoet 0

Singapore is tiny – about two thirds the size of New York City. It is almost freakishly clean, unless you set foot in less touristy areas. My hostel was located in Little India – things …click…

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San Francisco Top 10

March 7, 2017 flipfloppoet 0

San Francisco is big and diverse, enough so that you could easily fill several weeks. But for those travelers who only had a few days to spend there – like myself – here is my …click…


Donald Trump and the Wall

October 16, 2016 flipfloppoet 0

While staying in the hostel in Guanajuato, I was livestreaming the second presidential debate between Trump and Clinton. One of the other hostel guests, a young Mexican girl, noticed what I was watching and we …click…


What’s in my backpack?

October 16, 2016 flipfloppoet 0

For everyone who’s interested in a glance into the contents of my backpack, here it is: Clothes (of which I carry way too many) 2 shorts 2 skirts 1 long dress 8 T-shirts 5 tops (spaghetti straps & tank …click…



October 9, 2016 flipfloppoet 0

The more I stay in hostels, the more I want to own one and then do everything differently. Better.   It’s extremely disappointing to enter a hostel that looks really nice from the outside and …click…

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