The more I stay in hostels, the more I want to own one and then do everything differently. Better.


It’s extremely disappointing to enter a hostel that looks really nice from the outside and looked very promising online, only to find that it lacks certain very neccessary things. You can have the nicest staff in the universe and be perfectly clean, but if your dorms are too small to put my backpack down, if you don’t have lockers or thes are too small, if your beds are uncomfortable or squeaky or moving whenever someone turns in his sleep, when you don’t have enough electrical outlets and no shelf to put my phone or jewellery on during the night– yeah, then I’ll probably not gonna like it.

It takes so little to make the stay nice and comfortable. Why don’t more hostels think about the guests when furnishing/building them?

If I could, that’s what I would do, starting immediately. Have my own hostel.

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