Costa Rica Update

September 24, 2016 flipfloppoet 0

Things didn’t start out well in Costa Rica which was my fault. I had to leave Key West and that is never a good thing. I made things more difficult for myself because of that. …click…


Key West – A Love Letter

September 15, 2016 flipfloppoet 0

There is nothing about this little island that I don’t love. Besides the usual (weather, food, people) Key West feels like home, more so than any other place in this world. Just walking through the streets, …click…


Last Day of Work

August 27, 2016 flipfloppoet 0

The most frequently asked question I get is: Are you nervous/excited/…? The answer to all of these is: No, I’m not. It may be because the first leg of my journey is going to take …click…

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Welcome to my blog

July 2, 2016 flipfloppoet 0

Hello, all you lovely visitors and welcome to my blog. It’s looking a bit bare still, but this will change soon. So remember to stop by from time to time. In the meantime have a …click…

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