Last Day of Work

The most frequently asked question I get is: Are you nervous/excited/…? The answer to all of these is: No, I’m not. It may be because the first leg of my journey is going to take me to Miami which I almost consider a second home of sorts. Or it may be that I am just so frikkin busy that I haven’t had the time yet to get nervous. Or excited. There’s so much stuff still left to do.


There’s setting up my home base, making copies of all important documents, packing up the last of my things and putting them in storage, going in for the last medical check-ups and the last vaccination. And suddenly the last day of work is there and it’s weird because it doesn’t feel weird. Because you haven’t had the time yet to realize that it is, in fact, the last day.


The weirdness creeps in in the form of tiny little things that remind you that things are going to be different now. Like setting up the final Out of Office message in Outlook. What do you write?

Or realizing when people wish you a nice weekend that from now on every das is gonna feel like a weekend.

Or – and that one has felt particulary weird – switching off the Monday to Friday preset alarm on your phone. A life without an alarm clock? Weird.

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