Miami Auto Museum at The Dezer Collection

if you love beautiful, classic, and/or famous Hollywood cars, you’ll love the Miami Auto Museum at The Dezer Collection. Unfortunately, it is pretty pricey. What you get are two separate buildings and you can choose to visit and pay just for one of them or both; the museum does offer a small discount when you go for both.

Miami Auto Museum at The Dezer Collection

Address: 2000 NE 146th Street, North Miami, Florida 33181

Open daily 10-6

Building A: Classic Cars, Motorcycles and Military Museum – $25

Building B: Hollywood, James Bond, Batman and Mini Car Museum – $25

Combo (Building A + B): $40

If yo take the time to go through those tourist brochures they usually leave in hotel rooms, hotel lobbies and most fast food restaurants, you may find a coupon for the museum. Usually one for $5 discount per building.

I did both rooms, but was disappointed with building A; I should have stuck with building B only. But that was because the only reason I did A in the first place was because of the American Classics and I so wanted to see a Corvette Stingray for real. And they didn’t have one. Not a single one! They did have a couple of Impalas though which was kind of nice.

The cars in the Hollywood collection are all originals by the way. Originals in the sense that they were actually and truly used by the actors and/or stunt people during the shoot for the movie. The Hollywood collection is quite extensive and includes vehicles from movies such as James Bond, The Fast and the Furious, Batman, Ghostbusters, etc. Even the “cars” from the movie The Flinstones can be found here.

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