San Francisco and the perfect moment

San Francisco is one of the most magical cities I’ve ever been to. It starts with the architecture that seems so familiar – mostly due to the many US TV shows and movies – and continues to amaze despite the unnaturally high expectations I had before arriving here.

The city has this special something that is hard to put into words. Yes, there are the many attractions and sights to see that make a visit to San Francisco absolutely worthwhile. But it’s only half the truth. Maybe it was the wonderful weather, or the time of the year, or my good mood, but I experienced San Francisco in a very special light – like molten gold and incredibly delicate. It’s difficult to describe.

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One of my favorite traveling moments I had on Pier 39. It was really nothing special: I had picked a spot on a bench at the pier and just sat there with the Golden Gate Bridge in the corner of my vision, the sun was warm and bright, you could hear the faint strain of music from street performers that were mixing with the cries of the sea lions nearby, the scent of salty water in the air, and I had all the time in the world to simply be and enjoy the moment. No place to be, no stress. Simple perfection.sf

Of course I also liked the Golden Gate Bridge and the Fisherman’s Wharf and, as mentioned the Pier 39 with its sea lions that I could spend hours watching; and the beach and the pacific coast road are also beautiful. And I liked how easy it is in San Francisco to get around. The buses are plenty and bus stops well spaced throughout the city. But my favorite spot has to be the Castro district. I only had 3 days to see San Francisco and I “wasted” one full day in the Castro. I sat in Cafés, watched the people, walked the streets. After 6 weeks in Trump’s Florida it was the Castro that restored my faith in humanity. For a while at least.

I plan to come back and spend more time there in the hopefully not too distant future. I would like to rent a car next time and drive down the Pacific coast for a few weeks.

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