Top 10 List: Miami & Surrounding Area

I love Miami. I love both, Miami and Miami Beach. And yet, when I’m asked why, it is hard to boil it down to only one reason.

There are beautiful beaches, awesome food, the weather is gorgeous all year round, the sights are awesome and plentiful and the opportunities for day trips amazing and also plentiful. And thanks to budget airlines not as expensive to get to as it once was.


Here’s my Top 10 Miami & Miami Area List:

#10. Coral Gables (&Venetian Pool)

One of the most beautiful districts of Miami, very green and idyllic.

#9. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Vizcaya is an Italian Renaissance-style villa with extensive gardens sitting on the Biscayne Bay. It has been used as a set for various Hollywood movies, such as Iron Man 3, for example.

#8. Coral Castle
Coral Castle

Not overly large but very nice to see this stone monument, dedicated to love. Edward Leedskalnin was a Latvian immigrant who spent 28 years building this stone park; he did it alone and with only the very basic of tools. He led a reclusive life and, as the story goes, dedicated the coral castle to his ex-fiancée who left him just one day before the wedding, prompting him to leave his home land and lead a mostly reclusive life from then on.

#7. Metro Mover

The Metro Mover is a great way to see Downtown Miami as it connects almost all major buildings and places in the Downtown area. Enjoy a great view form above and it is also completely free!

#6. World Erotic Art Museum

Want to know more? Click here.

Spanish Monastery#5. Ancient Spanish Monastery (or: The Church of St. Bernard de Clairvaux)

This is supposed to be the oldest building in the Western hemisphere. It was built in the 12th century in Spain. In 1925 it was purchased by W. R. Hearst who had it dismantled for transport. Each stone (all 33,000 of them) was numbered and packaged in woodes crates to be shipped to America. Upon its arrival, the entire shipment was quarantined because of the hoof and mouth disease in Europe at the time. The hay that was used to line the crates was suspected to carry the disease and had to be burnt. Unfortunately, during the repackaging, the stones were not replaced to their correct crates, making the rebuilding impossible. The stones were then stored in a warehouse before they were sold again by Hearst’s heirs. In early 1950s the building was reconstructed, but some of the original stones remained unused.

#4. Holocaust Memorial

Impressive and touching. Excellent historical insight. The choir music played in the background adds to the haunting ambiance.

Address: 1933-1945 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach, FL

#3. Cuban Food in Little Havana

One word: yummy. Go for a walk along the Calle Ocho and stop at the various cafés along the way to get a snack.

#2. Key Biscayne

You have to pay a fee upon entering (price per vehicle) but it is so worth the money. The beaches are even more beautiful than even in South Beach. Also, there are hiking trails, a lighthouse that you can climb and it’s for free!

#1. Wynwood Walls Wynwood Walls

You love street art? Then don’t miss Wynwood. This is an entire district of miles and  miles of beautiful artwork and stunning murals.

Did I forget to include something? Let me know.

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