WEAM: World Erotic Art Museum Miami

The WEAM is one of the most entertaining museums out there. Last time I’ve been there was about 7 years ago and it was time for another visit. With $15 per visitor it’s a bit on the pricey side, but well worth it.


The collection includes over 4000 pieces from all over the world. Among them classical pieces by Picasso, Dalí or Rembrandt, as well as a reproduction of a chair of Catherine the Great’s chamber of erotic furniture. The museum also houses Golden Boy, an enormous gold-painted penis statue that you can actually touch; visitors are encouraged to sit on it, climb it, strike a pose. Another attraction includes a four-poster bed made by a German roofer. The bed has giant penises for bedposts with Kama Sutra positions carved into them. And movie buffs will recognize the ceramic penis sculpture from Stanley Kubrick’s The Clockwork Orange – one of the weirdest murder weapons in film history.


The founder of the museum, Naomi Wilzig, began her collection by accident. Her son asked her for an erotic art piece for his new appartment that would be a good conversation starter. So she bought him a painting. However, he didn’t find it hot enough. And so she kept trying. 2005 her private collection was turned into the World Erotic Art Museum.

Try to guess which of the following pictures made me laugh uncontrollably.

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